Understanding Different Link Types in 2D Barcodes 

Link Types enable different scans of the same 2D Barcode to route to distinct destinations. When a retailer scans a 2D Barcode at the point of sale, it functions akin to a standard UPC or EAN barcode, revealing the product's GTIN number and price. However, when the same 2D Barcode is scanned using a smartphone camera or app, it can seamlessly connect the user to extensive digital product details.

This functionality is facilitated through Link Types, which can be customized to suit specific needs.

What are the most common Link Types?

Some of the most common Link Types are below (a full list is at the bottom of this page).

Product Information Page (gs1:pip) - A link to information specifically about the identified item.

Sustainability and recycling (gs1:sustainabilityInfo) - A link to information relating to sustainability and recycling requirements or processes.

Quick start guide (gs1:quickStartGuide)

Frequently Asked Questions (gs1:faqs)

Nutritional Information (gs1:nutritionalInfo)

Click here to see a complete list of Link Types.

How can you get started with 2D Barcodes and Link Types?

You can get started with 2D Barcodes by joining a 2D Barcode Platform such as IBN Link which has a Resolver service that is compatible with all the key GS1 Link Types.

To explore the advantages and convenience of 2D barcodes visit IBN Link and unlock a world of possibilities.